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We are glad that you are here!!!!!

WHY DIVORCEBUOY?? We can help in many ways.
1. We at divorcebuoy have been through divorce.
2. We have felt many of the emotions that you are feeling.
3. Our lead contributor is a man named Buoy. He is the site originator. We are glad to have the opportunity to visit with you!

These three words of Hope, Health, and Happiness are the words that we choose to describe the tenants of what we feel were most important in our coping and rebounding to a happy life. Buoy was the driver for the use of these three words and a look back at his divorce.

Buoy says: ” I would like to assist you in your divorce by providing some resources that I feel will be useful to you as you go through the different stages of divorce, whether it be the first stage of having a failed marriage, the second stage of divorce where you are dealing with the adjustment of a new and altered life, or the final stage of divorce related to a new life.

Enjoy our site.

Please contact us if you any thoughts or suggestions (email BUOY at info@divorcebuoy.com).