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www.divorcebuoy.com is a site that attempts to provide people with a perspective on the positive aspects of life and divorce, trying to give folks a feeling of hope, and realization of the importance of good health (both mental and physical), and the resultant feeling of happiness (Hope, Health, and Happiness).

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I came up with the name ‘buoy’ because I have been around the oceans a lot, having been in the US Navy for 20 years and flying off of aircraft carriers. The word ‘buoy’ was a wonderful choice, since buoys can keep people afloat, buoys can help identify troubled waters that have rocks or hazards to navigation, buoys can have a light that will show you the way, and buoys often times have bells that will allow you to know their whereabouts even in darkness or fog; the perfect way to help all of us as we navigate our daily life around the shallow waters (low points in our life or emotions).

Why the horse shoe in the logo?? Good question. I was traveling on business and I was near a gambling casino, and there was a horse shoe displayed. What a great item to put on the website, and it would help folks remember the spelling of the word buoy in our site’s name divorcebuoy.  Also, the horse shoe is a sign of luck, and we could all use a bit of luck!  Remember, the horse shoe must be turned upwards so that the luck doesn’t run out!

Why the red buoy in the logo?? The red buoy was a great way to add some color and also as a reminder about the letter ‘o’s’ placement in the word buoy. It is a great way to have the actual symbol of a ‘buoy’ in the word buoy. Neat, I’d say (thanks to our web designer).

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When you are considering divorce, it is always very traumatic; not only for you and your ex-spouse but also for your family and any children involved.  Divorce is one of the hardest life events to endure, but there are many divorce tips, divorce experts, divorce articles, and other Colorado divorce resources that can help you make this trying time a bit easier.  The focus of this site is to provide divorce information – simple.   

The good news is that there is hope!!

You can build a new life and move on from this difficult stage in your life, and www.divorcebuoy is here to help you do just that.