Hello Everyone.  I am soon to celebrate the tradition of Christmas.  I imagine most of you are familiar with Christmas??!!

My children are 21 and 19 so many years ago they were in their prime Christmas years.  Many years ago they were in their prime Christmas years as divorced children.  Yes, it was painful for all during those later Christmas’.

? How is your Christmas 2018 shaping up?  I will be out of town so I have already celebrated my Christmas 2018, per se.  It was ok but not as good as when I was married with the kids or divorced and the kids were younger.  There is a pleasure these days to look at other families and young children who are all excited about Santa.

? What have you done in your marriage to help Santa?

? What have you done for your spouse during this Christmas season to give them one more reason to hope for your future?

If you are divorced with children, there is hope.  This December 2018 was my last child support and medical payment.  Over 13 yrs worth…done!

There is life after divorce … if you chose!

Hope, Health, Happiness.

Progress, no matter how small, is progress.