Good day to you folks.  How are you?

I came across an interesting article that might apply to you? Dating can be awkward, especially that first date.  Moments of silence during your first visit are not unusual.  Enjoy the article and the humor that is included.  Good luck to you folks who are out there active ‘in the dating pool’.

From the article, “When it came to small talk, Sebastien was feeling rusty. “One fear I had was I did not want to overtalk and blabber on about myself,” he said. As it turns out, it wasn’t blabbering on that Sebastien needed to be worried about. He and Esther talked about their backgrounds and careers for a couple of hours over cacio e pepe, a creamy pasta dish he’d previously tried to make himself, fusilli and gelato. But “after we got to the dessert, we were kind of running out of topics,” he recalled. “I didn’t feel like I was going to be able to sustain the conversation going forward.” It shook him. “The longer the pauses got, the more awkward it got.” (I talked to Sebastien for a half-hour or so, and, yeah, he can be pretty hesitant.)”


Progress, no matter how small, is progress.


Title:  DATE LAB:  When it came to small talk, he was feeling rusty.

The Washington Post Magazine, 14 Dec 2017

Author:  Neil Drumming