Hello divorcebuoy faithful.

Welcome to the next calendar ‘chapter’ of your life as the clock ticked down to zero and the calendar page turned over to 2018.

Were you happy to see 2017 finish and move on?

Are you looking forward to 2018?

As to divorce, what are you facing?  Do you have a court date set?  Do you have mediation planned?  Will you have a CFI or a PRE?  Will your divorce become finalized and you’ll feel free?

I wish you luck.  I have been through all of that and it was not an easy journey.  Here are some thoughts for you to consider:
1.  keep your friends and family informed and engaged in helping you.  They will probably be your best source of assistance.
2.  keep your kids out of it!  During my first court appearance my exwife brought my two kids to the court house and kept them on standby just in case she could convince the judge to see them.  They were 8 and 6.  That moment has been forever in their brains and it’s sad.
3.  get the best lawyer that you can afford.  There was an old saying by Fram Oil Filters – you can pay me now or pay me later.  Better to pay a little more up front than for the years that follow.
4.  fitness – try the best that you can do to keep fit or get some exercise. You’ll feel a lot better, you’ll sleep better, and it will free your mind to think clearly.
5.  don’t give up.  You may suffer setbacks but keep trying.  Do it for your kids.  Do it because it matters.
6.  drive what you are doing and where you are going, vice being driven by circumstances.  Try and go where you want and do what you want.
7.  avoid alcohol and drugs.  Avoid alcohol and drugs.

All for now.  You can write to me if you need help.

Hope, Health, Happiness.

Progress, no matter how small, is progress.