Hello www.divorcebuoy.com folks. How is your fall coming along.  Chances are that some of you might have transitioned into winter.  Good luck to you on that.

Money.  Money, or the lack of money, is part of our life.  You just can’t avoid it.  Money can make life better and money can destroy a life, especially the ‘quest’ for money.

There was a good article in the online NY Times that discusses relationships and money.

“Couples can fight about anything, it’s just a fact of relationships. But arguments about money have a tendency to be particularly toxic, since they’re layered with deep emotional and personal history” the article states.  As for me, my wife kept a $3,000 credit card charge from me for about 45 days and then I finally found out about it.  She said that she and her mother were going to take care of it.  I told her that it was our problem, not her mother’s problem.

You might find this article helpful.

Good luck to ya.  Progress, no matter how small, is progress!!



NY Times, 30 Nov 2017 by Maria Teresa Hart