Good evening divorcebuoy folks.  Yes, I have been a little inactive on this site.  I am trying to decide on my virtual future.  I am also nursing a slight injury to the outside of my L foot and with a half marathon coming up in about 10 days I was researching some injury treatment on the site Runners World.  That’s when I came across something that will help and interest all of us.  Chances are that some if not most of you already know this??!!

HOW YOUR WORKOUT CAN IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE, by Emily Shiffer, Dec 6, 2018, Runners World online Magazine, states “study after study has confirmed exercise’s physical and mental health benefits for women, and that extends to the bedroom too.”

“Now, research has confirmed that the bedroom boost from exercise isn’t just anecdotal. According to a new review published by the International Society for Sexual Medicine, following a regular exercise plan can improve nearly every aspect of a woman’s sex life.”

“The review confirmed that exercise increases genital arousal in women,” said review author Amelia M. Stanton, PhD (c), a researcher at the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin.  That’s in addition to the indirect sexual effects of exercise seen by other studies, including improved cardiovascular function, mood, and body image.

There was not any data related to the benefits of a workout for men but I would imagine that it will provide some pluses for the guys too.

Enjoy and have fun!

Progress, no matter how small, is progress.

Hope, Health, Happiness.